Call for Abstracts

Our Vital Waterways: Agents of Transformation

Call for Abstracts

Canals and inland waterways transformed regions and nations, linking seas, opening new territories and creating port cities. Today, many of these old waterways are being redefined as the basis for regeneration, transformation and new vitality for the communities along their banks. Originally built to carry coal, ore, grain and lumber—and often polluted and relegated to industrial backwaters—canals now are heritage and recreation destinations, and the factory buildings along their banks house new businesses and residents.

Yet canals are more than historical curiosities, attractive landscape features and places for holiday makers. Many continue to carry cargo and pleasure vessels. They are crucial infrastructure, delivering water for hydroelectric power, irrigation, manufacturing and drinking. New technologies are being applied to manage water and vessels, and new types of businesses are emerging that take advantage of navigable waterways.

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Presentation formats: Proposals may be for individual 20-minutes presentations, a group of three or four presentations on a common theme (filling a 90-minute session), or poster presentations that will be on display throughout the conference and staffed by the presenter(s) during specified periods.

Proposal formats: Proposals should be submitted via the 2017 World Canals Conference website

Each proposal must include:
  1. The presentation or poster title
  2. A 300- to 500-word abstract with a detailed discussion of points, findings and conclusions
  3. Name, title and affiliation of each speaker
  4. A brief biographical statement of 75-150 words for each presenter
  5. Contact information, including mailing address, telephone number and email address for each

For 90-minute themed sessions or panel discussion proposals, the session organizer should submit all abstracts together as a group, accompanied by a title and a brief description of the theme and biographical information about each speaker.

Proposals must be submitted by March 1, 2017.

Proposals for presentations to be made in a language other than English should also include:
  1. The preferred language of the presenter
  2. English translation of title (in parentheses) following original title
  3. English translation of abstract
Form for Submission:

Do not include hyphens or parenthesis

*Maximum upload size: 10 MB
*File type: DOC, TXT, PDF

The deadline for proposals is March 1, 2017.

Send proposals or questions to

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