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Our Vital Waterways: Agents of Transformation

At the 2017 World Canals Conference, we will explore, celebrate and analyze canals and inland waterways as agents of transformation. Once the mothers of cities and ports, transformers of landscapes and builders of nations, canals are now the focus of revitalizing communities, the makers of power and the suppliers of essential water.

We want to encourage conversations about the operation and maintenance of new and historic canals, canals within larger landscapes, environmental issues, economic and community revitalization, navigation, tourism, recreation, historic preservation and interpretation. More important, we want to foster the cross-fertilization—of disciplines, organizations and nations—that is one of the hallmarks of World Canals Conferences.

What makes WCC2017 unique?

Representatives from 19 US states, 5 Canadian provinces, 14 countries, and 3 continents coming together to focus on the future of inland waterways.

Tracks will be engaging, bold and inclusive
  • Reimagining Canal Waterfronts
  • The Economic Power of Water
  • Canal Heritage & Restoration
  • Waterway Tourism
  • Celebrating & Interpreting Canals Through Public Art & Events
  • Waterway Cleanup– Canals and Brownfields
  • Canal Vessels– Old Boats, New Stories
  • Canal and Canalside Recreation
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